Shield Security

24/7 Ransomware Defense You Can Measure

Adversaries expect SMB and Mid-sized organizations to lack proper ransomware defense. Prove them wrong.

Many ransomware defense strategies and tools create a false sense of security. Axio Networks eliminates that uncertainty. Our threat intelligence, analysis tools, and ML-enabled detections protect your business against ransomware by finding and blocking the key vulnerabilities and lateral pathways missed by other providers.

We Scale Your Security Resources for You

Axio’s Threat Hunters act as an extension of your team, bringing the technology and expert skill required to see and remediate security gaps others miss.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Endpoint Detection & Response

  • Log Analysis

  • Threat Hunting

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Vulnerability Scanning

Swift Threat Detection

You shouldn't miss revenue opportunities or slow down digital transformation because of inadequate security.

Find threats across your environment, without the need to buy more tools

We deploy enterprise-grade, AI-backed tools quickly across your physical and cloud systems. You get comprehensive coverage of your environment without dedicating internal resources or investing in solutions that are difficult to manage and update.

  • - AI & ML enabled Detection and Investigation
  • - Threat Intelligence
  • - Threat Hunting
  • - Automatic Ransomware Detection
  • - Cloud Detections
  • - Vulnerability Scanning

Most security tools generate numerous irrelevant alerts, forcing you or other security services to sift through thousands of false alarms to find true indicators of compromise (IOCs). Axio Networks' AI and ML intelligently pinpoint threats to your endpoints, network, and cloud that have evaded your defenses. Our Threat Hunters waste less time filtering noise and spend more time advising you on the action that should be taken, when it’s truly important.

Rely on Intelligent Detection & Validation by Experts

Add Some Sophistication to Your Cybersecurity

Ransomware is rampant. Malware mutates, rendering signature detection ineffective against zero-day attacks.

We’re All-In on our AI-enabled MDR Platform

Our platform effortlessly ingests terabytes of data daily and applies increasingly accurate risk profiles, enabling us to identify Indicators of Attack and Indicators of Compromise, helping protect you. This data continuously trains our ML and AI to strengthen and mature our threat detection, containment and disruption capabilities.

We’re Smarter Every Day

We don't rely only on what we know and do today. Our robust R&D team continuously enhances our technology and services in order to address today's threats and anticipate tomorrow's. When we enhance our capabilities, your defense is elevated at no extra cost. We’re dedicated to delivering our customers better capabilities, and serve as a true partner in maturing your security.

We Fill the Resource Gap

Our Threat Hunters are precisely the cyber professionals you would want to have in-house - if it were feasible. With ongoing training and by continuously analyzing cybersecurity trends, they stay current on threats and countermeasures. Axio Networks Threat Hunters meet with your team one-on-one, in addition to meeting monthly, to talk through issues or potential defense options.

Automatically Detect and Contain Ransomware

In the event of ransomware detections, and to prohibit endpoints from any further action or transmission of an infection, we automatically quarantine ransomware outbreaks in your environment.

Gain Visibility and Control of Cloud Data and Workloads

With over 30 detections for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and AWS, we'll minimize the risk of credential theft and takeover by monitoring for indicators of compromise, protecting user accounts from phishing attempts and malware, and provide immediate remediation guidance if an incident is detected.

Find Hidden Vulnerabilities in your Environment

Vulnerabilities happen. That’s why it’s critical to catch and fix them as quickly as possible. We perform scanning (endpoint profiling, vulnerability discovery, and detection of indicators of compromise) on your entire environment. When vulnerabilities are detected, we provide you prioritized remediation task directives based on risk severity levels.

Speed and Accuracy of Response

Our team reduces the duration and impact of security events, to keep your business operational and moving forward.

Control Risk with RealTime Response

Using our platform to scout vulnerabilities and attacks, our Threat Hunters terminate harmful processes, delete malware, or quarantine infected machines, as discovered. Our elite team has the technology to respond in real-time, before your systems are impacted, or your intellectual property lost. More often than not, you won’t even know what happened as we’ll have it under control. But of course, our transparent reporting will keep you advised of activity post-event.

Focus Your Internal Resources on Competitive Differentiators

Your people can’t be watching the network, studying endpoint hygiene, and chasing down suspicious activity all the time. Wouldn’t it be better if they were engaged in technology innovations that increased your competitive edge? With Axio Networks taking advanced countermeasures against verified security issues, your team can concentrate their time and talent on improving business processes.

Benefit from Proactive Threat Hunting

New endpoint information gathered from our agent, coupled with our existing threat hunting across the endpoint, network and cloud, strengthens our search for suspicious behaviors and indicators of attack. Better visibility results in better investigations, faster threat detections, less false positives, and reduced response times. Less time dealing with alerts also means more time available for our threat hunters to proactively seek out the next threats in customer environments.

Our Process

Endpoint Monitoring

Axio Networks will monitor managed endpoints and their network connectivity via an encrypted connection in order to efficiently detect cyber threats. Our sensors will provide deep visibility into endpoint data relevant for detecting advanced attacks.

Network Moniroting

Axio Networks collects information from firewalls, endpoints, security applications and thorough scans of the network, and monitors the number of sessions and types of traffic. This activity will increase detection of anomalous or unusual traffic patterns.

Threat Hunting

Axio Networks looks for active or dormant threats and potential exploits by analyzing logs, cross-referencing threat intelligence, detecting vulnerabilities, identifying untrusted devices, and monitoring for other indicators of compromise. Axio Networks takes action, and communicates incident findings and results as they are discovered.

Incident Response

In the event that our threat hunters detect a compromise, Axio Networks will initiate its first-level incident response process, carrying out containment, eradication, and recovery operations that can be executed on the Axio Shield platform.

Advanced Incident Response

Sometimes even your best preventions aren’t enough. For businesses under a real-time attack, Axio Networks offers Advanced Incident Response (AIR) services that can get you back to an operational state. We’ll help conduct an investigation to learn from the incident, and provide documentation to provide to your board, law enforcement, or insurance providers.

Threat Intelligence

Axio Networks curates and analyzes external intelligence to identify threats to you and investigates such threats. Axio Networks supplies a list of potentially malicious IP addresses (including malware hosts, spam sources and other threats) that are part of the emerging threat landscape.

Vulnerability Scanning & Hygiene Assessment

Axio Networks performs scanning (endpoint profiling, vulnerability discovery, and detection of indicators of compromise) monthly on the entire network and up to all contracted endpoints. Axio Networks will provide remediation tasks, including severity levels of the vulnerabilities and where the vulnerabilities are located.

Monthly Reporting

Customers will receive a monthly report from Axio Networks with actionable security intelligence to mitigate risk, reduce redundancy, and to improve overall security monitoring. These reports will support business, auditing, and regulatory compliance activities. Customers and the threat hunters meet monthly to review the monthly report and actionable recommendations for improving security posture.

What’s in it for you?

Axio Networks’ Shield Platform was purpose-built to directly address the needs of every stakeholder in the SMD and mid-market security ecosystem, from the C-suite to IT groups to cybersecurity teams to channel resellers.

  • Confidence in your Ransomware Readiness

  • Holistic Coverage Across your IT Environment

  • Seamless Integration

  • Economically-Justifiable Cybersecurity Protection

  • 24/7 SOC Coverage

  • The Platform and Support to Scale and Execute on Cybersecurity Goals

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