Visibility is Key to Advanced Threat Detection and Response

Advanced cyberattacks are designed to evade traditional prevention and detection techniques. Attackers spend much of their time trying to disguise their activities—but continuous monitoring of process executions and associated metadata make it much harder for them to hide.

Process Insights shows you what’s happening inside your protected endpoints, providing unparalleled visibility and detection of organizational threats. By monitoring for malicious processes, Process Insights builds a comprehensive view of cyber threats as they are happening. When a threat is detected, our ThreatOps team creates a unique incident report to help you swiftly respond.

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The Shield agent continuously captures process execution data including privilege level, command line arguments and lineage, and more.


With custom-tuned detection logic to capture all process data, our ThreatOps Analysts can spot suspicious activity that requires investigation.


Our analysts dig deep into the continuous stream of data to confirm whether activity is in fact malicious— eliminating noise and false positives.


We provide you with a custom incident report sharing our findings and outlining next steps. These can be delivered via email or your ticketing system.


You can execute our recommended automated remediation steps in a single click. You'll also get detailed instructions for any additional work that should be completed.

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